Amelie Znidaric

Amelie Znidaric was born and (mostly) raised in Vienna, Austria. In her last job there, she was a design and creative industries editor at the Austrian daily Die Presse and the deputy editor-in-chief of its weekly supplement Schaufenster. Before that, she had worked as an author and editor for an Austrian women’s lifestyle magazine, for the Austrian office of the humanitarian organization Care, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation and several public relations agencies.

In fall 2009, she left her job and her charming, airy, if leaky loft and moved into a Brooklyn shoebox in a leaky attic. It was still worth it. SVA’s D-Crit program has since given her some of the hardest, yet at the same time most inspiring and enlightening times of her life. She earned herself a Silas Rhodes scholarship and lately finished her thesis titled Listen to Your chair: Design and the Art of Storytelling.

On top of her studies, Amelie kept working as an author for her former employer Die Presse and for the German design platform Stylepark. In May, she will graduate from D-Crit, thus being awarded her second master’s degree (she earned her first one in 1996 in business administration). After that, she will return to Europe and hopes to find an apartment that will keep her dry and a job in the media or a museum.

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