Amna Siddiqui

Amna is in her second and final year at D-Crit. Her thesis looks at how the intersection of technology and play is redefining children’s understanding and expectations of touch and tangibility.

Amna received her B.A. in Art History and English from Rutgers University, and has interned with organizations like the Guggenheim Museum and Surface magazine. Following college, Amna worked as a producer for an interactive web agency, serving and supporting clients like National Geographic, The Rockefeller Foundation, BRIC Arts Media Brooklyn, and Goldman Sachs. She currently runs two art and design-related blogs, Design Thug and Whoa Girl, is a freelance writer for Surface and Curbed magazines, and a fellow for the non-profit organization America: Now and Here. at univerisa

Her long-term goals include making art and design more approachable for the general public, firmly believing everyone has the right to access, understand, and appreciate what they are looking at. Amna enjoys computers, poetry, cooking, and visiting museums.

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