Erin Routson

Erin M. Routson is a very proud native of Cleveland, Ohio, and a graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design and a bunch of internships at branding and architecture firms thrown in for good measure. After completing her degree, she worked for Goody Products in Atlanta, Abercrombie & Fitch in the woods outside Columbus, Ohio, and as a freelance designer and art director in Cleveland, Ohio. She now lays her head down in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Stemming from an interest in the combination of design, policy, and social justice, her thesis work is centered around what happens after high-rise public housing in terms of design and policy, with a case study in nearby Newark, New Jersey. She is hoping to uncover how design, policy, and the intersectionalities of race, gender and class all inform how housing structures are constructed and legislated.

While all of that sounds heavy, she tempers it with her interests in hip-hop, vinyl records, feminism, airline travel, road trips, laughing, pop culture, the NBA (it’s back!), cooking and baking. She often writes about any of those on her personal blog, and also as a contributor to music blog blahblahblahscience and the policyxdesign blog at the Public Policy Lab. It is her not-so-secret goal to live in every region of the country.


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