Eva Franch, “Corporate Avant Garde and the Return of Disruption”


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Storefront for Art and Architecture is a nonprofit organization with a vibrant program of exhibitions, talks, publications, and screenings, intended to advance experimentation in architecture, and the built environment. Storefront is located in a unique triangular ground-level space in lower Manhattan with an iconic pivoting façade by Steven Holl and Vito Acconci. Storefront director, researcher, and architect Eva Franch will discuss the need for contemporary forms of radical practice in a world dominated by consumer culture, user experience oriented interfaces, and disarticulated expertise.

Eva Franch is the executive director and chief curator of Storefront for Art and Architecture. An architect, researcher, curator, teacher, and founder in 2003 of OOAA (Office of Architectural Affairs), Franch has lectured internationally on art, architecture and the importance of alternative practices in the construction and understanding of public life. At Storefront, her most recent projects include exhibitions such as “POP: Protocols, Obsessions, Positions,” the launch of the Storefront International Series, commissioning major design projects such as the Speechbuster, and developing a new publications series in partnership with Lars Müller Publishers.

Each lecture is followed by a lively Q&A session and refreshments in the D-Crit Reading Room. Thanks to the support of our partner, Mailchimp, lectures are free and open to the public, but you do need to register to reserve your space.

Event Information

When: 28 Jan 2014, 6:30–8:30 p.m.
Where: SVA MFA Design Criticism Department, 136 West 21 Street, 2nd Floor
Price: Free (registration is required)

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