Emilie Baltz, “Why Foreplay Makes the Food (AKA: There’s more to a steak than beef)”


Image from ad campaign, Museum of Sex

Taking as tenant that food is our most fundamental form of consumption, Emilie Baltz will discuss the dimensions in which food design stimulates both the head and heart of consumers and creators alike. Using highlights from her two (diametrically opposed) books Junk Foodie : 51 Delicious Recipes for the Lowbrow Gourmand, and her forthcoming publication L.O.V.E FOODBOOK : Le Libertinage Gourmand, Baltz will reveal the salaciously multisensory choreography implicit in food design.

Emilie Baltz is a creative omnivore. Working at the intersection of food, sex and design, she creates work that provokes our relationship to eating, drinking and f*cking through imagery, products, books and experiences. Her clients include Ebay, The Museum of Sex, Droog Design, The New York Parks Department, The Vitra Design Museum and GOOD magazine. She serves as faculty in SVA’s Products of Design MFA and is a visiting lecturer at l’ESAD in Reims, France.

The Fall 2012 Design Criticism MFA Lecture Series is open to the public. You are warmly invited to attend our lectures, to see our new department and to meet with speakers, faculty members and students over a drink. Registration is required.

Event Information

When: 20 Nov 2012, 6:00–8:00 p.m.
Where: SVA MFA Design Criticism Department, 136 West 21 Street, 2nd Floor
Price: Free and open to the public; Registration required

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