News of Working Life from D-Crit: Grads Report From NYC’s MoMA, Facebook’s HQ in San Francisco, ,The New Institute Museum in Rotterdam, ArchDaily in Santiago, and Beyond

William Myers moves to Amsterdam this summer to start a job as curator at The New Institute in Rotterdam. His first show, opening on September 15, is based on his book Bio Design, published by Thames & Hudson in 2012. John Cantwell also announced his move—to San Francisco—to be a writer for Facebook’s new blog. Becky Quintal is currently abroad in Santiago, Chile, working as a visiting editor for ArchDailySarah Froelich is a copywriter for Grandin Road and a creative writer for the Real Art Design GroupChappell Ellison has just been appointed Associate Public Information Officer for NYC’s Department of Design & Construction. Emily Leibin is communications manager at the Philip Johnson Glass House, where she recently helped launch their new design store in collaboration with Moss Bureau (Read what the Times has to say about it).  And Katie Henderson is a producer for Column Five, an infographic and data visualization design firm.

Aileen Kwun, communications manager at Project Projects, recently reviewed the Metropolitan Museum’s current exhibition, “Punk: Chaos to Couture” for Disegno. Meanwhile, Saundra Marcel has been busy writing for Design BureauDerrick Mead, who graduated in 2012, is writing for the design and innovation consultancy Ziba in Portland, Oregon (Derrick was recruited by the company after one of its current employees saw his D-Crit MFA thesis presentation at Eventually Everything: The 2012 D-Crit Conference). An extract from that text, “Designing for Repair,” will be published in the Winter 2013 volume of Design and CultureStephanie Jönsson takes up her new post as Content Marketing Manager of MoMA Retail, while continuing to submit restaurant listings to

The Class of 2013, who just debuted at counter/point: The 2013 D-Crit Conference (check out their most recent conference press in Eye) are already reporting back from the field. After speaking on stage alongside designer Michael Sorkin, Cecilia Fagel now works at Michael Sorkin Studio. Matt Shaw has been writing the second edition of Domus Magazine’s guidebook Europe’s Top 100 Schools of Architecture and Design. Matt was also a recent invited critic at University of Kentucky, Yale University, and University of California, Los Angeles. Bryn Smith, along with Aileen Kwun(class of 2011), Laura Forde (2010), and Angela Riechers (2010) were among the speakers at AIGA’s 2013 Educators Conference: Explicit and Graphic Design Criticism Now.

Last week, Class of 2014’s Katherine Roberts announced the launch of L’ArcoBaleno, a design site for which she helped to research and write inaugural articles. Classmate Anne Quito curated New York’s Museum of Arts & Design recent exhibition “Take One / Leave One,” which (as a review in The Atlantic puts it), “encouraged the public to decide what design objects were museum-worthy.” Anne, along with class of 2013 colleague Caterina Francisca, was named among the student notables in Core 77’s Design Awards‘ Writing & Commentary category. Congratulations to all!

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